Wearable Smoking Detection

Tobacco is the only legally available consumer product which kills people when entirely used as intended. Quitting to smoke is however extremely hard. This project is about quantifying one's personal smoking behaviour in an inconspicuous way. A smoker can gain insight into his smoking triggers, gain more insights about his addiction and get personalized smoking cessation material.

We investigate different ways of tracking smoking behaviour. Using inertial sensors worn on the wrist, its motion allows to detect typical hand-to-mouth gestures. This is even possible for multiple days on a single battery charge. Alternatively a Smart Lighter, a lighter that can track whenever it is lit, provides the same data without having to wear a sensor on the wrist.

The gathered smoking data is used to provide personalized smoking cessation information on a mobile device. This includes personal statistics, but also information which led others with a similar profile to reduce or quit smoking - efficient smoking cessation material can be detected automatically. The objective quantification of smoking behaviour is also used to test the efficacy of smoking interventions.


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Philipp M. Scholl
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