Thesis guidelines

Every student doing a thesis in our group is expected to write a thesis about his/her work and hold two presentations in front of the group: one mid-term presentation and one final one. Apart from our prep-talks and proofreads during this process, the following lists of documents will help you with starting preparations and keeping tabs on what is expected.

The Written Thesis

The results of the thesis are almost useless without a proper explanation and documentation: therefore the written thesis that is produced in the last month is very important. It should contain task description, introduction or background information on the thesis' topic, a methodology description, experiments and results analysis, and final conclusions. Additional results or illustrations that are only partly relevant can go in appendices. A document describing the goals and steps in developing a thesis are well described on the following pages:

Experiment preparation and research reporting are tricky things to get 100% right. We recommend "The Craft of Research" by Booth, Colomb, and Williams as a good textbook on the issue.

The Presentation

Students should present their work in two phases: The first one is given after three months, giving an overview on the task description, what has been accomplished so far, and giving an outlook on what still remains to be done -- this presentation should take around 20 minutes, excluding questions. The second presentation should wrap up all the work and give final conclusions on the thesis -- this presentation should take 25 minutes excluding questions. Although there are many opinions on how a computer science talk should be structured and what good practice and bad practice is, a helpful guidelines can be found in the following on what to consider:

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